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Webinar: Tips and tricks on the assessment of feed additives

14:00- 15:00 (GMT+01:00)



The goal of the webinar was to help applicants to better understand the principles of the feed additives authorisation process and make their technical dossiers fit for purpose in the context of risk assessment, in order to achieve quicker assessment of applications and efficiency gains.

The presentation started with a broad outline of the feed additives’ authorisation process, of its actors and of the regulatory framework. This was followed by a brief description of the current and the new scheme of the guidance documents, currently under development by the FEEDAP Panel, and of the structure of the technical dossiers. The last slides of the presentation focused on some tips and tricks on how to avoid the most recurrent drawbacks found in the dossiers and on take home messages.

Before closing, the two presenters replied orally to some questions received from participants.

A total of 255 people registered for the webinar, out of which 145 followed the online session. Viewers could submit their questions during the first 50 minutes. A total of 30 questions were received. The Q&A team replied to all questions either during the webinar or at the end.

Presentation and recording


Tips and tricks on the assessment of feed additives

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