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Webinar: Sharing data with EFSA: a simple guide

Webinar| 29 April 2020, 10.30-11.30 (CEST)



The aims of the webinar were to:

  • Introduce participants to the simplified template for reporting chemical contaminant and food additive data.
  • Explain why, what and how to input the information needed to meet the requirements for reporting data to EFSA.
  • Demonstrate the use of the template by inputting data examples.
  • Offer advice on short cuts and information on available support resources.
  • Give participants the opportunity to ask questions and request clarifications on template use, reporting requirements and issues related to data compilation.

During the webinar, the presenters gave oral and written answers to questions submitted by participants. All the questions and responses have been collected and will be published on this page in due time.

Presentation and recording

Play recording:


Sharing data with EFSA: a simple guide


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