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16th meeting of the Management Board

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Management Board reviewed the terms of reference for a future independent external evaluation of the Authority’s work to be carried out in 2005.


  1. Adoption of Agenda(54.54 KB) 
  2. Adoption of draft minutes of the previous meeting and matter arising from the minutes
  3. Information and update from Geoffrey Podger on the move of EFSA to Parma
  4. Geoffrey Podger – General update on developments(145.47 KB)  (Document MB14.09.2004 - 3)
  5. Performance Indicators(87.19 KB)  (Document MB 14.09.2004 – 4))
  6. Evaluation (Article 61 of 178/2002): Terms of reference(220.86 KB) (Document MB 14.09.2004 - 5)
  7. For adoption: Final Financial Annual Report for 2003(378.9 KB)  (Document MB 14.09.2004 - 6)
  8. Transfers in the EFSA Budget (213.03 KB) (Document MB 14.09.2004 – 7)
  9. For adoption: Changes to the Rules of Procedure concerning thequorum and the rules for the election of Chair and Vice-Chairs for the EFSA Management Board(62.92 KB)  (Document MB 14.09.2004 – 8)
  10. Confirmation of 2005 meeting dates(62.86 KB)  (Document MB 14.09.2004 -9)