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Ad hoc meeting with industry representatives

An ad hoc meeting with industry (GMO applicants) was organized by EFSA on the 23 June 2021. The meeting provided the opportunity to further update the industry representatives on the GMO allergenicity WG activities, in particular the EFSA workshop held earlier this month and relevant upcoming procurements in the field.

On behalf of EFSA an update was provided on the Human Dietary Exposure for risk assessment of GM foods. CropLife Europe presented their views and questions on the Dietary Exposure Assessment. A fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas followed the presentations.

Last but not least, time was dedicated to the implementation of the Transparency Regulation. CropLife Europe presented their experience during these first months of implementation and EFSA answered to questions raised by the applicants on related topics (e.g. notification of studies, e-submission platform and the validation process).

We thank all participants for the constructive discussions and good collaboration. 


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