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2019 Eurobarometer on Food Safety in the EU

This Special Eurobarometer, commissioned by EFSA, provides insights in terms of:

  • Europeans’ overall interest in food safety, including factors affecting food-related decisions, main information channels on food-related risks, changes in behaviour and views on complexity of communication about food-related risks.
  • Awareness and risk perceptions when it comes to food safety topics, trust in different sources of information and understanding of the EU food safety system

The survey was carried out by the Kantar network in the 28 EU Member States between the 9th and 26th of April 2019. Some 27,655 respondents from different social and demographic groups were interviewed face-to-face at home in their mother tongue. Additional data was collected during November 2019 in the following pre-accession countries: Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia and Türkiye.

The methodology used is that of the Standard Eurobarometer surveys carried out by the Directorate-General for Communication. It is the same for all countries and territories covered in the survey.

Country factsheets

Austria: EN | DE

Belgium: EN | FR | NL

Bulgaria: EN | BG

Croatia: EN | HR

Cyprus: EN | EL

Czech Republic: EN | CS

Denmark: EN | DK

Estonia: EN | ET

Finland: EN | FI

France: EN | FR

Germany: EN | DE

Greece: EN | EL

Hungary: EN | HU

Ireland: EN

Italy: EN | IT

Latvia: EN | LV

Lithuania: EN | LT

Luxembourg: EN | FR

Malta: EN | MT

Netherlands: EN | NL

Poland: EN | PL

Portugal: EN | PT

Romania: EN | RO

Slovakia: EN | SK

Slovenia: EN | SI

Spain: EN | ES

Sweden: EN | SV

United Kingdom: EN

Albania: EN | AL

Montenegro: EN | ME

North Macedonia: EN | MK | AL

Serbia: EN | SR

Türkiye: EN | TR