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Episode 13 – Alien (species) vs plants: beware of the invaders

Invasive alien species can cause serious problems when they enter new territories, for example as pests in agriculture and forestry. In this episode, we shine a spotlight on our work on plant health and the risks posed by these unwelcome guests. Join our scientific experts Agata Kaczmarek and Sara Tramontini, and communications expert Irene Zanetti, as we explore the stealthy invaders that can infiltrate our landscapes, and the impact they can have. You will also learn about EFSA's Plant Health for Life campaign and the practical steps that each of us can take to help protect the environment.

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Podcast details

James Ramsay, Head of Communication Unit at EFSA

Agata Kaczmarek, Scientific Officer in the Plant Health Risk Assessment team at EFSA
Sara Tramontini, Scientific Officer in the Plant Health Monitoring team at EFSA 
Irene Zanetti, Communication Officer in the Coordinated Communication team at EFSA  


Host and guests

James Ramsay, Irene Zanetti, Sara Tramontini, Agata Kaczmarek

Disclaimer: Views expressed by interviewees do not necessarily represent the official position of the European Food Safety Authority. All content is up to date at the time of publication.