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Episode 10 – From lab to fork

Ever wondered what a lab-grown steak tastes like? Or how to grow one? Listen in to find out! From cultivated chicken nuggets to cell-based beef burgers, food derived from cell culture has been making headlines around the world. We look at the motivations behind it, the challenges that producers face and whether it could ever become an alternative to traditional meat. Our expert Wolfgang Gelbmann explains how we will assess the safety and the process for gaining approval in the EU. Grab a snack and join us for this latest episode of Science on the Menu.

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Host: Edward Bray, Communications Officer in the Communication Unit at EFSA.

Guest: Wolfgang Gelbmann, Scientific Officer in the Novel Food Characterisation team at EFSA


Edward Bray and Wolfgang Gelbmann.

Disclaimer: Views expressed by interviewees do not necessarily represent the official position of the European Food Safety Authority. All content is up to date at the time of publication.