Genetically Modified Organisms working groups

Name Minutes (last update) Composition
Applications - environment - Mandate 13 March 2018
Applications - food and feed - Mandate 8 February 2018
Applications - molecular characterisation - Mandate 26 January 2018
Standing working group on post-market environmental monitoring (PMEM) reports - Mandate 28 April 2017
Technical Note on Sequencing quality
5 March 2018

Past working groups

Annual DoIs of former EFSA experts are available on request.

Name Minutes (last update)
Agronomic and phenotypic characterisation of GM plants
12 March 2015
Development of guidance on low level presence of GM food and feed
11 September 2017
Development of supplementary guidelines for the allergenicity assessment of GM plants
28 June 2017
Genetically modified microorganisms
17 September 2012
Guidance document for the risk assessment of the renewal of GM plant products authorised under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003
19 February 2015
Guidance on environmental risk assessment of GM fishes
22 March 2013
Guidance on environmental risk assessment of GM insects
14 February 2013
Guidance on environmental risk assessment of GM mammals and birds
10 April 2013
Integration/non-integration of a DNA plasmid
19 December 2016
Joint GMO-BIOHAZ working group on Austrian safeguard clause for GM potato EH92-527-1
19 October 2011
Risk assessment of plants developed through new techniques
22 October 2012