Meeting of the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform

20 July 2006

Outcomes of the meeting

Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, EFSA’s new Executive Director presented and discussed with the Stakeholder Consultative Platform the Management Board’s six key recommendations outlining the Authority’s future priorities and perspectives. These recommendations resulted from the independent evaluation of EFSA carried out during 2005 and were further defined following public consultation on the evaluation.

Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle stressed the importance of receiving feedback from stakeholders on the future of the Authority and affirmed: “This dialogue is a tangible opportunity for actors working in the food and feed sectors and in the agency’s area of competence to contribute to the Authority’s upcoming work.”

Nutrition will be a key priority for EFSA in the coming years, notably given the pending adoption of the new Regulation on nutrition and health claims which calls for active involvement of the Authority. In order to prepare its future work in this area, EFSA announced that it will organise a Symposium on Nutrition and Health Claims to take place on November 8-10 in Bologna, Italy. The symposium will involve all interested parties including stakeholders and will be the opportunity to discuss issues such as nutritional profiles and the scientific substantiation of claims.

The Platform discussed also its own future. Set up by EFSA’s Management Board in June 2005 and subject to a review of performance after one year of operation, participants recognised the usefulness of such meetings and recommended that EFSA should submit a proposal to the Board to ensure its continuation. EFSA will therefore table a document for consideration at the first meeting of the newly re-constituted Board to be held 12 September 2006.

Agenda: The agenda includes discussions on EFSA’s opinion on Transparency in risk assessment and in particular the chapter on stakeholder involvement, EFSA’s communication strategy, on-going discussions on emerging risks and on risk-benefit analysis of foods. The new Executive Director, Catherine Geslain-Laneélle will address the Platform and present her thoughts on further developments on stakeholder policy in EFSA.

Risk-Benefit Analysis of Foods: Methods and Approaches

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