EFSA holds meeting with industry associations

23 June 2015

EFSA discussed how to increase transparency and dialogue during its risk assessment processes in a meeting with industry associations representing applicants and those with an interest in other areas of EFSA’s work.

The meeting covered several areas, including the pilot focus group on allergenicity set up as Discussion Group of the Stakeholder Consultative Platform which aims at exploring useful ways to enhance the participation of stakeholders and Member States representatives in the development of guidance documents. This initiative was praised by participants as it offers EFSA the opportunity to receive feedback on its work at an early stage of the risk assessment process.

EFSA also provided participants with an update on how it is implementing the initiatives outlined in its Catalogue of Services for applicants and introduced them to its draft Code of Good Administrative Practices. This document is being developed to support the evaluation of applications and aims to define transparent and fair principles in the way that they are managed. The organisations represented at the meeting, together with the members of the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform, were called on to contribute with suggestions and ideas on the draft version of the document.

Feedback from this experience will feed into EFSA’s ongoing Transparency and Engagement initiative that seeks to enhance engagement with all the Authority’s stakeholders during the risk assessment process and provide more clarity and transparency about its processes. 

The meeting with industry associations was the second of its kind, following an initial meeting that took place in October 2014.