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Webinar: Inputting data using the additive usage template & an introduction to the Food Additive Intake Model (FAIM)

10:00- 11:00 (GMT+01:00)



The goal of the webinar was to:

  • Provide context to the the additive usage template by explaining why data on use of additives is needed.
  • Describe the main features of the template and the information/data that is required.
  • Provide a practical guide by completing a line of data using a step by step approach.
  • Introduce the Food Additive Intake Model template (FAIM Version 2.0) and explain how to apply for access.
  • Describe how the tool estimates exposure to food additives.

During the webinar, participants had the opportunity to submit questions which were answered live by presenters.



In a written reply to a question received during this live webinar, EFSA erroneously referred to “vegetable milk” as “milk”. EFSA would like to make clear that in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013, “milk” means exclusively the normal mammary secretion obtained from one or more milkings without either addition thereto or extraction therefrom.

Presentation and recording:

Presentation here

Play recording: here


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