2nd meeting of the EFSA Stakeholder Bureau

18 April 2018

The Stakeholder Bureau met for the second time to discuss:

  • implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Approach (SEA);
  • priorities for the Stakeholder Forum in 2018;
  • progress with stakeholder engagement in the framing of EFSA self-mandates and guidance documents;
  • upcoming communication activities and the results of the reputation barometer 2017;
  • the European Commission’s proposal for the new regulation on transparency and sustainability of the risk assessment regulatory process.

The Bureau provided recommendations on how to improve communication and dissemination of information; offered views on priority topics for the annual gathering of the Stakeholder Forum; and gave input on how to identify topics for self-tasking mandates where stakeholders would be involved in priority setting and framing of questions.

EFSA’s Executive Director, Bernhard Url, who chairs the Bureau, said: “We strive to understand how society can contribute to the advancement of EFSA science and we want to engage with stakeholders to anchor our science more in the society. EFSA profits a lot from the stakeholder engagement and we are committed to constant development of the process.”

The next meeting of the Bureau will take place in October 2018.

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