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Webinar: EFSA’s traineeship programme 2017

10:30- 11:15 (GMT+01:00)



The goal of the webinar was to provide a general overview of EFSA’s Traineeship Programme.

The presentation started with a broad outline of EFSA as a leading scientific European Agency, of its main activities, and of its crucial role in making Europe’s food safe. This was followed by a brief description of the career opportunities available in the organisation and, in particular, the focus of the remaining presentation then shifted to the Traineeship Programme.

A short introduction on last year call and on the trainees currently in house was followed by a more in-depth description of the programme itself. The webinar aimed to convey the importance of the programme for the future career of young professionals in terms of competencies, knowledge and networking. This was followed by more technical specifications in terms of eligibility requirements, selection criteria and benefits. Finally, a timeline of this year’s call was provided together with additional details on the foreseen selection process.

The webinar ended with a ten minute session to share experiences . Viewers had the opportunity to listen to testimonials of current and former trainees, who provided insights into their work at EFSA!

A total of 490 people registered for the webinar, out of which 134 followed the online session. Viewers could submit their questions only during the first 30 minutes. A total of 40 questions were received. The Q&A team replied to all questions either during the webinar or at the end of the info session.



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