3rd meeting of the FIP Network on FCM

Parma, Italy
24 May 2016

Draft Agenda 



5 CEF Panel: Towards a new EFSA Guidance on FCM

6 FR: ANSES: Recent developments for risk assessment of substances to be used in non-harmonised FCM

8 AT: AGES: Experiences EFSA Trainings

10 BE: ISP-WIV: Database of substances known by members states of Council of Europe and used in FCM 

11 EC: DG SANTE-JRC: Update on EC food contact materials baseline study 

12 EC: JRC:Technical guidelines for compliance testing in the framework of the plastic FCM Regulation (EU) No 10/2011

13 DE: BfR: Research project: „Migration from elastomers for food contact“ 

15: Industry Platform for non-EU harmonised FCM: Why some migration conditions for plastics are not appropriate for other FCMs 

16 CEF Panel: Examples of EFSA’s safety evaluation of oligomers 

16 CH: FSVO: Toxicological assessment of NIAS from FCM in food: which way to go?

16 DE: BfR: Evaluation of oligomers 

16 FR: ANSES: Example of Non Intentional Added Substances (NIAS) evaluation Assessment of multilayer plastic films treated by ionizing

21: EC: JRC: Release of Metals: scoping investigations 

22 DE: BfR: Research project: „Aluminium release from food packaging“ 

23 DK: DTU: Test strategy of paper and board food contact materials

24 SP: AECOSAN-USC: Exposure to chemicals from food packaging. Study and evaluation of new-emerging contaminants 

25 EFSA: Proposal to set a Network compilation of EU Member States FCM Projects

26 DE-CH: BfR-FSVO: Cooperation on safety evaluation of substances in printing inks

27 CEF Panel: Working document on proposals