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Info Session on Applications – FIP – Technical meeting with stakeholders on food flavourings applications

In the context of the evaluation of food flavouring substance and other than food flavouring substances carried out by EFSA, the Applications Desk (APDESK) Unit in collaboration with the Food Ingredients and Packaging (FIP) Unit is organising an EFSA technical meeting with applicants and other stakeholders to allow an exchange of views on the main scientific challenges encountered during the risk assessment of applications submitted to EFSA for the evaluation of the above substances.

On 20 January 2015, EFSA received applicants and other stakeholders for a technical meeting on food flavourings. The discussion focused on the scientific, regulatory and procedural requirements related to the preparation, submission and evaluation of food flavourings dossiers.

As one of EFSA’s Info Sessions on Applications, the event aimed at increasing EFSA’s regular interaction with its stakeholders. This technical meeting was the second organised by EFSA in the area of flavourings, the first one being held on 14 November 2012.

Seventeen participants working in the field of food flavourings met with EFSA staff, EFSA experts from the Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF) and a representative of the European Commission (EC).


The following key topics were discussed:

  • Administrative, procedural and scientific issues related to the preparation and the submission of food flavourings applications;
  • Learning from experience gained during the on-going  safety evaluation of food flavourings;
  • Clarifications on scientific issues related to the risk assessment of flavourings applications, such as:
    • Genotoxicity testing strategy, 
    • Group-based versus individual evaluation of a flavouring substance, 
    • Demonstration of structural and metabolic similarity between the new flavouring substance and flavouring substances approved in existing Flavouring Group Evaluations (FGEs),
    • Reporting on intake levels of flavouring substances in food and assessment of the dietary exposure to flavourings.

Participants welcomed the event as an important opportunity to foster a better mutual understanding and enhance the constructive dialogue between EFSA and the different stakeholders involved in the preparation, submission and evaluation process of food flavourings applications.

The agenda and the presentations of the technical meeting can be found below.