EFSA Conference with European National Food Inspectors - "Science and practical experiences in Food Safety&quot

16 June 2006

The main purpose of the meeting is to explain how EFSA’ scientific findings can contribute to the daily work of risk managers in the national food control bodies and to clarify EFSA’s role as independent scientific assessor of risks related to the food chain. It will also provide food inspectors responsible for controls in the EU food safety system with the opportunity to meet EFSA and its scientists. The importance of an enhanced exchange of information and co-operation, particularly in emergency situations, amongst the actors in the EU food safety system will be illustrated with the help of two real case studies by EFSA scientists on Avian Influenza and Food Dyes. Enforcement Practitioners Forum (FLEP – www.flep.org ) and the N.A.S. (Nucleo Anti Sofisticazioni) - the Food Law Enforcement department of the Italian Carabinieri.


Media invitation: Media are invited to attend the whole conference. Moreover, Photo/Interview opportunities with representatives of EFSA, FLEP and NAS are possible from 10.30 until 11.00 at EFSA’s premises; Largo Natale Palli 5/A Parma. Please register with Ms. Julia Rüter: julia.ruter [at] efsa.europa.eu ()
Press enquiries: Lucia de Luca, Press Officer - Tel: +39 0521 036 287 - Email: lucia.deluca [at] efsa.europa.eu ()

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