Public consultation on the active substance pyrimethanil

16 April 2019

How to submit comments

  • Comments on rapporteur Member State assessment reports should be sent by email to EFSA (pesticides.peerreview [at] no later than the deadline given for the particular active substance. Please use the electronic template for submission of comments.
  • Comments will not be considered if they:
    • are submitted after the deadline set out in the call
    • are not related to the contents of the document
    • contain complaints against institutions, personal accusations, irrelevant or offensive statements or material
    • are related to policy or risk management aspects, which is out of the scope of EFSA's activity.
  • EFSA will assess all comments from interested parties, which are submitted in line with the criteria above. All submitted comments will be published.

“A new version of the set of files was published on 20/02/2019. The change does not concern the content of the documents, but only regards the date reported in the naming of three files, which has now been made uniform”.


14 February 2019