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Draft EFSA’s policy on independence. How the European Food Safety Authority assures the impartiality of professionals contributing to its operations - Extended deadline: 12 May 2017

EFSA has launched an open consultation on its draft Policy on independence. This draft Policy represents the outcome of reflections carried out by a Working Group of EFSA’s Management Board set up specifically for this purpose, and has been endorsed for public consultation by EFSA’s Board. Its content is supported by an ex post analysis on EFSA’s 2011 Policy on Independence and 2014 Rules on Declarations of Interest delivered by Deloitte Belgium. [1]

In line with EFSA’s policy on openness and transparency and in order for EFSA to receive comments from the scientific community and stakeholders, EFSA has launched a public consultation on the draft document developed as indicated above.

Interested parties are invited to submit written comments by 12 May 2017. To the extent possible, please use the electronic template provided to submit comments and refer to the line and page numbers. Please note that after 2 hours your working session will expire and comments submitted after that time will not be recorded and transmitted. If you prefer using a different format please send an email to: interestmanagement [at] Please note that comments will not be considered if they:

  • are submitted after the closing date of the public consultation;
  • are not related to the contents of the document;
  • personal accusations, irrelevant or offensive statements or material;
  • are related to policy aspects that are out of the scope of EFSA's activity.

To facilitate processing, to the extent possible please submit comments in English and refer to the relevant paragraph and line number.

EFSA will assess all comments from interested parties which are submitted in line with the criteria above. The comments will be further considered by EFSA, and taken into consideration if found to be relevant.

EFSA’s Management Board, together with EFSA staff members, will be responsible for taking into account the additional recommendations deriving from this report and the comments received.

Persons or entities participating in the EFSA Public Consultation are responsible for ensuring that they hold all the rights necessary for their submissions and consequent publication by EFSA. Comments should inter alia be copyright cleared taking into account EFSA’s transparency policy and practise to publish all submissions. In case your submission reproduces third party content in the form of charts, graphs or images, please ensure that the required prior permissions of the right holder have been obtained.

Comments submitted may be published by EFSA and may be re-used by the Authority, also in a different context. Comments submitted by individuals in a personal capacity will be presented as such, be made publicly accessible and attributed to their author, indicated by their first name and their family name. Comments submitted on behalf of an organisation will be made publicly available and attributed to the organisation.


[1] Available online here: