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Ecosystem Monitoring Services

Approximate launch date:
February 2023
  • Budget: 90,000 €
  • Approximate launch date: Mid-February
  • Deadline to register interest: 09/02/2023


The newly designed Strategic Engagement process is built around three strongly interrelated – but not sequential – activities (i) Ecosystem monitoring for intelligence gathering, (ii) Building and maintenance of relations, and (iii) Engagement for scientific preparedness and during the Risk Assessment process.

Gathering relevant intelligence through the monitoring of the food safety ecosystem and its actors, provides important information supporting EFSA’s decision making frame for topic-based engagement activities, external relations and reputational issues, as well as possible future directions the organization needs to take. Its aim is to actively support decision-making on engagement, advocacy, community and external relations activities, which in turn aims at enhancing: (1) the quality of EFSA’s scientific advice (2) EFSA’s preparedness and (3) safeguarding EFSA’s reputation.

The food safety ecosystem is comprised – among others – of partners and stakeholders such as EU institutions, EU Agencies, international organisations, Member States competent authorities, food-chain stakeholders, consumer and non-governmental organizations, academia etc. Any information on activities, priorities, opinions, organizational details etc. of the ecosystem actors, as well as the interactions occurring amongst them, are of interest to EFSA.

EFSA is looking for a contractor that delivers relevant, actionable monitoring information about the food safety ecosystem that can support the design of engagement and external relations activities.


The work of the contractor within the frame of this assignment will be to offer a service that will provide pre-digested, relevant information from the food safety ecosystem that can contribute to the current information monitoring process in place.

The objectives of the contract resulting from this procurement procedure are as follows:

  • A daily digest of relevant information retrieved about food safety ecosystem organizations, stakeholders, their strategy, opinions and main areas of interest.
  • Based on specific, pre-selected criteria, as well as the feedback received from the end users’ part, the increased relevance and adaptability of the service’s output is expected.
  • The capacity to follow specific exchanges of interest to EFSA (meetings, events, conferences etc) and provide a digest of their content is expected.

Selection criteria - technical and professional capacity:

  • Requirement 1: The tenderer overall must have extensive and demonstrable experience in information/knowledge/intelligence gathering, management, summarizing and digest generation of at least 5 years.
  • Requirement 2: The tenderer overall must have extensive and demonstrable experience in the area of following and summarizing specific exchanges of interest of at least 5 years.
  • Requirement 3: The tenderer overall must provide a demonstrable mitigation safeguard strategy, to ensure business continuity and delivery of daily output agreed upon.
  • Requirement 4: Both the output and the exchanges must take place in an overall excellent level of spoken and written standard UK English at minimum C1 level, to be indicated in the CV.

If you are interested in this procedure, please send an email within the deadline to EFSAprocurement [at] quoting the reference of the procedure and specifying the following:

  • your name/organisation’s name and address;
  • whether you participate as a physical person or an organisation/private company.