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Dietary Exposure tool - DietEx

The Dietary Exposure (DietEx) tool is a user-friendly tool for estimating chronic dietary exposure to substances present in food, e.g. intentionally added or naturally present chemicals, contaminants, proteins, novel food ingredients. It uses individual consumption data from the EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database to estimate dietary exposure for different countries, age groups (from infants to adults aged 75 years or older) and, for a limited number of countries, special population groups (e.g. pregnant women, lactating women and vegetarians).  The DietEx tool can be used by applicants, risk assessors as well as risk managers. 


July 2024 - a new version of DietEx is now available for beta testing. From 5 August, you can also access new APIs developed for the tool. 
The new version includes innovative features designed to improve your dietary analysis experience. There is a new instructional video and user guide to help you get started quickly. 
Beta-testing: please got to the tool and register to try out the new functionalities and let us know what you think! Your input will be key to the success of the new DietEx. You can provide feedback by using the blue ‘Request Support’ button on the top right-hand of the tool’s interface. 
N.B. The new version is for user testing only and does not replace the current DietEx tool for the time being.

Instructional video - 2024 (beta)

How DietEx works

Dietary exposure is estimated by multiplying, for each FoodEx2 category, the concentration levels input by the user with the respective consumption amount for each individual in the Comprehensive Database. The exposures per FoodEx2 category are subsequently added together to derive an estimate of the individual total exposure per day and per kilogram of body weight (based on each individual body weight registered in the consumption survey). These exposure estimates are averaged over the number of survey days, resulting in an individual average exposure per day for the survey period. This is carried out for all individuals per survey and per population group, resulting in distributions of individual exposure per survey and population group. On the basis of these distributions, the mean and the 95th percentile of exposure can be calculated per survey and population group and in mg/day and mg per kg body weight/day.

To use the DietEx tool, you need to register. Please send an email to servicedesk [at] (servicedesk[at]efsa[dot]europa[dot]eu) with your name, last name, e-mail address and affiliation to receive you login details

Instructional video - 2021 version