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Info Session on Applications - GMO - Technical meeting with stakeholders on the testing of the software developed in support of EFSA statistical requirements for GMO dossiers

On 30-31 May 2013, EFSA invited Member State experts specialising in the field of statistical analysis of large GMO datasets, applicants, and members of its GMO Panel and working groups to support the finalisation of the EFSA contract CT/EFSA/GMO/2010/01 on “Software development in support of EFSA statistical requirements for GMO dossiers”.

The overall aim of this technical meeting was to collect feedback and suggestions from stakeholders on how to further enhance the software developed in support of the statistical requirements of the EFSA guidance document on GMO dossiers before its finalisation. Participants had received the software one month before the meeting in order to test its features and to provide concrete views and proposals at the event.

All participants discussed the system’s user friendliness as well as outlining potential improvements to the software. Discussion was stimulated by running exercises to test the features of the software.

As a follow-up to this meeting and the feedback received, EFSA will decide on priorities for further fine-tuning the software. EFSA plans to make the final version of the software available to the public in 2014.


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