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Use of the EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database in Exposure Assessment

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The EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database (Comprehensive Database) has been built from existing national information on food consumption at a detailed level. Competent organisations in the European Union’s Member States provided EFSA with data from those most recent national dietary survey in their country, at the level of consumption by the individual consumer. This included food consumption data concerning infants (2 surveys from 2 Member States), toddlers (8 surveys from 8 Member States), children (16 surveys from 14 Member States), adolescents (14 surveys from 12 Member States), adults (21 surveys from 20 Member States), elderly (9 surveys from 9 Member States) and very elderly (8 surveys from 8 Member States) for a total of 32 different dietary surveys carried out in 22 different Member States. Surveys on children were mainly obtained through the Article 36 project “Individual food consumption data and exposure assessment studies for children” (acronym EXPOCHI). The aim of the present document is to give an overview of the Comprehensive Database and to provide guidance on its use for dietary exposure assessments. Summary statistics of this database are available on the EFSA website.