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Staff members

As one of our many hundreds of staff members, you will be working in an international and dynamic environment. In every role, you will have the chance to make a difference to European food safety.


One mission, many roles

Contributing to food safety in Europe is our mission. In Parma, different teams with varied backgrounds and roles work together to this end.


Our communication specialists are in charge of communicating externally and internally about what EFSA does, from our strategy to our risk assessments. They produce news items, multimedia content and social media posts, manage our website and take care of publishing EFSA’s scientific outputs.

Corporate services

Our management services department is responsible for corporate service design and management. Its specialists deliver processes to manage quality standards, always guided by a strong customer focus. They are also responsible for site and contract management, events and outreach activities, as well as logistic support.

Data & analysis

Data scientists, data quality officers and business analysts manage and analyse data both quantitatively and qualitatively. Their expertise is needed to provide a data-driven basis not only for EFSA’s risk assessments but also for key business decisions.

Engagement & external relations

Committed to meet the expectations and requirements of internal and external stakeholders, the engagement and external relations team is responsible for establishing and maintaining effective and trust-based relationships with partners and interested parties.

Finance & procurement

Finance specialists help EFSA make well informed business decisions related to the planning, execution and monitoring of budgets. Procurement officers help develop and manage contracts with suppliers and order services, equipment and goods.

Human resources

Our Human Capital Unit provides a comprehensive set of services such as talent management and workforce planning. HR colleagues recruit new staff members, support them during their onboarding, and help them grow by facilitating their training and personal development. HR specialists are also in daily contact with staff on their rights, entitlements and obligations.


Putting their knowledge at the service of European food safety, our legal officers provide advice, draft documents, and verify compliance with legal frameworks. Their expertise is essential in supporting regulatory processes.


The expertise of our scientists is central for EFSA’s risk assessment work. We employ agronomists, biologists, chemists, entomologists… and many other scientific profiles. We also work together with independent scientists.

Transformation services

Transformation services deal with change management and other aspects of business transformation and performance. Specialists in this area often need to respond to unexpected situations and find practical solutions in line with new business models.

You can also join our team temporarily

Interim positions

We employ interims in both science and non-science areas. Interim staff may be hired for short-term placement during periods of high workload or to cover for long-term absences. Interested candidates need to register with EFSA’s current service provider.

Seconded National Experts

Seconded National Experts (SNEs) work with EFSA for a limited time (from 6 months to 4 years), both as scientists or as general professionals. They are seconded by their national administrations where they return at the end of their assignment.

A place to develop and grow

We care for food and people

True purpose

Contributing to food safety is rewarding. Working for us, you will make a difference to 500 million people living in Europe. At EFSA, we not only care about food, but also about the people working to ensure its safety: we offer attractive salaries, holidays and pension schemes, and other benefits for you and your family.

Development and training

Gaining knowledge and acquiring new skills is crucial for our mission. We offer training opportunities and regular exchanges with specialists to keep our staff up to speed with the latest science, and prepare them for future challenges.

International environment

Our team is composed of colleagues from all over Europe. Our working language is English, but you can also practice other languages and boost your intercultural skills.

Career opportunities

As an EFSA staff member you will work together with different teams. Thanks to this cross-team work, you will be able to widen your knowledge and gain insights into new areas, which may enhance your career opportunities.

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