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What are EFSA's networks?

EFSA’s networks consist of nationally appointed EU Member State organisations with expertise in the fields covered by the network. Representatives of the Commission and of other organisations (including those from outside the EU) with specific expertise may also be invited to participate in the work of EFSA Networks.

Networks are chaired by EFSA and supported by relevant EFSA units. Their aim is to facilitate scientific cooperation in the field of EFSA’s mission by:

Communications Experts Network

The Communications Experts Network is one of EFSA’s scientific networks. The communication departments of the national food safety agencies and EFSA work together to share best practices on communicating risks in the food chain and to promote coherence of messages across the EU. The network plays a particularly important role during food-related emergencies, co-ordinating the sharing of information among Member States so that they give consistent advice to consumers and the affected.

Working groups

Social Research Methods and Advice

Closed working groups

No closed working groups for this expert group.