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    Annual Report of the Scientific Network on BSE-TSE 2017

    First published in EFSA Supporting Publications:  14 December 2017 Issued:  6 December 2017 Type:  Technical Report Read it on the Wiley Online Library: Article  |  PDF Abstract:  The EFSA Scientific Network on bovine spongiform encephalopathies and other ...

    Pest categorisation of Gilpinia hercyniae

    Number of Pages:  24 Diprionidae, European spruce sawfly, European Union, pest risk, plant health, plant pest, quarantine First published in the EFSA Journal:  14 December 2017 Adopted:  23 November 2017 Type:  Scientific Opinion Abstract:  The Panel on P ...

    Pest categorisation of Citrus leprosis viruses

    Number of Pages:  32 Citrus leprosis virus, Brevipalpus spp., Citrus leprosis virus C., Citrus leprosis virus C2, Hibiscus green spot virus 2, Orchid fleck virus, Citrus leprosis virus N sensu novo First published in the EFSA Journal:  14 December 2017 Ad ...

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