Observers - attend open scientific meetings

Follow EFSA's scientists up close. Attend scientific meetings open to observers.

Observers can attend EFSA’s open plenary meetings to see first-hand how EFSA’s Scientific Committee and its Scientific Panels discuss and adopt their scientific assessments. We encourage attendees to interact with and pose questions to EFSA’s scientific experts.

  • All attendees should read EFSA’s Guidelines for Observers before registering to attend an open plenary meeting.
  • For questions or queries on open plenary meetings at EFSA, please contact us at: publicmeetings [at]

Open plenary meetings (registration now open):

At this moment in time there are no plenary meetings open for registration. Should you have any questions or queries, please contact us at:  publicmeetings [at]

Those interested in attending an open plenary meeting as observers should read the following guidelines:

Upcoming open plenary meetings in 2017 (registration not yet open):

The 2017 calendar of open plenary meetings is expected to be announced in the course of January 2017.

Open plenary meetings closed for registration: