Biological hazard applications: overview and procedure


In the field of biological hazards, EFSA evaluates applications in two scientific areas: animal by-product treatments and decontamination substances other than potable water for food of animal origin.

Animal by-product treatment

Some animal by-products not intended for human consumption may be used for the production of technical or industrial products. EFSA evaluates the safety of these alternative animal by-product treatments.

Applications should be submitted to the national competent authority of a Member State. EFSA carries out the risk assessment whilst the European Commission decides whether or not to authorise the alternative method.

Decontamination substances

All substances other than potable water used for the removal of microbial surface contamination of foods of animal origin require prior authorisation. Applications should be submitted to the European Commission. EFSA evaluates the safety and efficacy of these ‘decontamination substances’.

Decontamination substances application procedure