Pesticides working groups

Name Minutes (last update) Composition
Aged Soil Adsorption
19 January 2018
Consultation Group on endocrine disruption guidance
    • EFSA has invited members of the Consultation Group to submit declarations of interest but, with the exception of stakeholder experts acting in a personal capacity, members are not obliged to do so.
      For a full list of EFSA Member State and stakeholder experts taking part in the Consultation Group, please see here.
No meetings held
Cumulative assessment groups (CAGs) for nervous system and thyroid and uncertainty analysis
19 December 2017
Developing an EFSA guidance document for predicting environmental concentrations of substances in soil
14 December 2017
FOCUS surface water repair action
7 December 2017
Joint ECHA/EC-JRC/EFSA taskforce on endocrine disruption guidance
6 June 2017
Pesticides in foods for infants and young children
5 July 2017
TK/TD and simple food chain models for aquatic organisms
11 December 2017

Past working groups

Annual DoIs of former EFSA experts are available on request.

Name Minutes (last update)
Amphibian reptile opinion
6 December 2017
Aquatic ecotoxicology
4 July 2013
Bee risk assessment
4 April 2014
BEEHAVE evaluation
29 June 2015
Cumulative assessment groups of pesticides
21 May 2013
Dermal absorption guidance
16 December 2015
Developing an EFSA guidance document for evaluating laboratory and field dissipation studies to obtain DegT50 values
4 April 2014
Developing an EFSA guidance document on clustering and ranking of emissions of plant protection products from protected crops
18 December 2013
Developmental neurotoxicity of acetamiprid and imidacloprid
26 January 2015
EFSA working group on dermal absorption guidance
8 May 2017
Epidemiological studies in pesticide risk assessment
27 September 2017
European Commission request to assess new scientific studies on dermal absorption
8 July 2015
Experimental toxicology data of pesticides and their potential link to Parkinson's disease and childhood leukaemia
1 August 2016
Good modelling practice
3 October 2013
Non-target arthropods and in-soil risk assessment - In soil
9 January 2017
Non-target arthropods and in-soil risk assessment - NTA
19 February 2015
Non-target terrestrial plant risk assessment
15 April 2014
Operator, worker, resident and bystander exposure guidance
7 October 2014
Preparing a scientific opinion on the FERA guidance proposal guidance on how aged sorption studies for pesticides should be conducted, analysed and used in regulatory assessments
6 July 2015
Preparing two scientific opinions on the report of FOCUS ground water (2009)
8 July 2013
Probabilistic methodology mandate
21 October 2009
Relevance of dissimilar mode of action for cumulative risk assessment
5 December 2013
Scientific guidance on residue definition
8 July 2016
Sediment effect assessment
6 July 2015
Toxicological relevance of pesticide metabolites
17 July 2012