37th meeting of the Management Board

2 October 2008

EFSA’s Management Board, including seven newly appointed members, met today to discuss the Strategic Plan for 2009-2013, which lays out the strategic objectives ahead amid a rapidly-changing environment in the field of food and feed safety.

Public Consultation on EFSA’s Strategic Plan 2009–2013
EFSA would be delighted to receive your comments on the Draft Strategic Plan 2009-2013 which it is developing in consultation with a wide range of partners, European institutions, Member States, stakeholders and interested parties.

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome and opening of the meeting Presentation of the new Members, the Chair and the Vice-Chair
  2. Address by the French Minister of Health
  3. Adoption of the draft agenda(33.95 KB)
  4. Adoption of the draft minutes of the MB meeting public session
  5. Visit of Commissioner Vassiliou to EFSA
  6. Staff in Parma (presentation)(54.8 KB)
  7. ED Progress Report(140.2 KB)
  8. Strategic plan 2009-2013(1.23 MB)
  9. New Financial Regulation(445.01 KB)
  10. Update from the Audit Committee
  11. Update on the French proposal on risk analysis
  12. Budget execution and year end forecast(95.31 KB)
  13. Transfers in the EFSA Budget(84.24 KB)
  14. Any other business