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Science protecting consumers

EFSA at a glance

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Scientific expertise

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The quality of EFSA’s scientific advice rests on its ability to attract leading scientists.

Information hub

Coordinating data collection and disseminating the results provides information needed for evaluating food safety.


Developing and harmonising internationally-recognised risk assessment practices.

Key values

Openness & transparency

Being open and transparent promotes trust in EFSA’s work among consumers and stakeholders and allows an informed debate when EFSA works on important scientific issues

Excellence in science

Using internationally-recognised scientific standards, the latest and most reliable scientific knowledge and data help to ensure the quality of EFSA’s scientific advice


The impartiality of EFSA’s scientific work is safeguarded by a robust set of internal mechanisms and working processes


EFSA prioritises its work in line with public health priorities to be a responsive and reliable source of support for decision-makers