Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources Added to Food


The Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient Sources Added to Food (ANS)* evaluates the safety of chemical substances added to food and consumer exposure to them. The Panel's work mainly concerns substances evaluated by EFSA before their use can be authorised in the EU.

ANS Panel Members are scientists from across Europe with expertise in:

  • Chemical risk assessment and safety assessment of food additives, nutrient sources or substances of botanical origin in food
  • Toxicology (mammalian): sub-chronic and chronic toxicity (repeated dose studies), genotoxicity and mutagenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, carcinogenicity, allergenicity and immunotoxicity
  • Toxicity testing in experimental animals and alternative toxicity testing
  • Toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics (ADME - absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) of substances
  • Chemistry (organic, inorganic, analytical and synthetic chemistry), especially for the chemical identification and specification of chemical substances
  • Exposure assessment and consumption surveys
  • Food technology (manufacturing processes and use of food additives)

*The ANS Panel will be re-established as the Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings (FAF) following the renewal of EFSA’s Scientific Panels in 2018. The new Panel will take over responsibility for the evaluation of flavourings from the current CEF Panel and will hand over responsibility for evaluation of nutrient sources to the NDA Panel. 

Panel members 

ANS Panel Members, 2014-2017. View Declarations of Interests and CVs.

Name Role Name Role
Mortensen, Alicja Chair Leblanc, Jean-Charles Member
Lambré, Claude Vice-Chair Lindtner, Oliver Member
Woutersen, Rudolf Antonius Vice-Chair Moldeus, Peter Member
Aguilar, Fernando Member Mosesso, Pasquale Member
Crebelli, Riccardo Member Oskarsson, Agneta Member
Di Domenico, Alessandro Member Parent-Massin, Dominique Member
Dusemund, Birgit Member Stankovic, Ivan Member
Frutos, Maria Jose Member Waalkens-Berendsen, Ine Member
Galtier, Pierre Member Wright, Matthew Member
Gott, David Member Younes, Maged Member
Gundert-Remy, Ursula Member    


Previous panel members 

The Declarations of Interests and CVs of previous Panel members are available upon request.


  • Mortensen Alicja, Chair
  • Gott David, Vice-Chair
  • Lambré Claude, Vice-Chair
  • Aguilar Fernando, Member
  • Crebelli Riccardo, Member
  • Dusemund Birgit, Member
  • Galtier Pierre, Member
  • Gundert-Remy Ursula, Member
  • Koenig Juergen, Member
  • Leblanc Jean-Charles, Member
  • Mosesso Pasquale, Member
  • Oskarsson Agneta, Member
  • Parent-Massin Dominique, Member
  • Rose Martin, Member
  • Stankovic Ivan, Member
  • Tobback Paul, Member
  • Waalkens-Berendsen Ine, Member
  • Woutersen Rudolf Antonius, Member
  • Wright Matthew, Member


  • John Christian Larsen, Chair
  • Iona Pratt, Vice-chair
  • Ivonne M.C.M Rietjens, Vice-chair
  • Fernando Aguilar
  • Ruth Charrondiere, until March 2010
  • Birgit Dusemund
  • Pierre Galtier
  • John Gilbert
  • David Gott
  • Sandro Grilli
  • Rainer Gürtler
  • Georges Kass, until August 2009
  • Jürgen König
  • Claude Lambré
  • Jean-Charles Leblanc
  • Alicja Mortensen
  • Dominique Parent Massin
  • Ivan Stankovic
  • Paul Tobback
  • Tatjana Verguieva
  • Rudolf Antonius Woutersen