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Webinar: Guidance document on safety of feed additives for target animals - What is new?

10:00 - 11:00 (GMT+01:00)



The goal of the webinar was to explain the new aspects of the guidance on the assessment of the safety of feed additives for the target species. The focus was on the new approaches to provide evidence of safety of the additive, and to convey some helpful tips to prepare suitable submissions.

During the webinar, speakers went through the requirements of the guidance, focussing on the three alternatives to support the safety, namely extensive literature searches, toxicity data from repeated dose studies and tolerance trials. Specific examples on the three approaches were given by Jaume Galobart and Matteo Innocenti. A demonstration on how to calculate the maximum safe concentration of the additive in feed was also given using a dedicated tool that will be made available to applicants on EFSA’s website.

During the course of the event, moderated by Rosella Brozzi, the participants had the possibility to ask questions on the guidance and the presentation. Some of them were answered in writing and some others were answered live by the speakers.

A total of 231 people registered for the webinar, out of which 107 followed the online session. A total of 26 questions were received and answered by the Q&As team or live.

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Safety for the target species - what is new?

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