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Services for SMEs

Fast processing of web form queries submitted by SMEs

The fast processing of web form queries received by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aims at boosting two-way communication between EFSA and its SME stakeholders to expedite and facilitate EFSA’s responses to SME applicants. It provides a direct communication channel with SMEs to increase their understanding of the regulatory framework of regulated products and of EFSA’s scientific and administrative requirements for the submission of applications regarding regulated products. It also aims at providing faster responses to SME requestors facing difficulties and challenges in understanding the application processes.

Queries concerning the authorisation of a product are outside EFSA’s remit and should be addressed to the European Commission or the competent authority of a Member State. Responses via the online tool cannot provide a pre-assessment of possible data submitted (or intended to be submitted) by the applicant regarding a specific application.

When to request: throughout the entire application life-cycle

How to request: by filling in the web form available on the Connect.EFSA portal