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Webinar on the Call for Membership of EFSA’s Scientific Panels and Committee


EFSA has published a call for expressions of interest (Ref. EFSA/E/2023/01) for the renewal of its Scientific Panels and the Scientific Committee in 2024.

This opportunity is open to scientific experts with relevant expertise and a motivation to contribute to the protection of human and animal health, as well as the environment in Europe, who wish to be considered for membership of one of EFSA’s 10 Scientific Panels or the Scientific Committee.

The call is open for applications until 3 April 2023.

This webinar was an opportunity for interested candidates to learn more about how Scientific Panels/Committee’s experts and EFSA work together, and to clarify any doubts about the call.

Objectives of the event

The webinar aimed to:

  • Inform participants on how EFSA selects the members of its Scientific Panels and Scientific Committee
  • Inform participants on how EFSA's Scientific Panels and Committee work and on what it means being an EFSA Panel/Committee member
  • Address any question or concerns from interested candidates, which can be submitted prior to the event via the registration form.


For more information, please contact the organising committee at events [at]

Webinar recording

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