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Your career at EFSA

Food is an important part of daily life, and at EFSA our mission is to keep it safe. We are located in Parma, and our team is just as diverse as the food that we assess. Do you have the ingredients to join our international team?
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Food needs dedication

EFSA deals with food safety right across the food chain – from farm to fork. We take into account animal health and welfare, plant health and the environment, ultimately helping to protect human life.

We deliver independent and transparent scientific advice to EU and national organisations, based on collaboration with partners from across Europe and the world, and in open dialogue with our stakeholders.

Food needs values

All our activities and how we work together are guided by our values of excellence, independence, openness, accountability and cooperation.


We deliver rigorous and reliable risk assessments, building on the latest scientific advancements. We communicate to meet the needs of our different audiences.


We ensure impartiality of our scientific outputs. Staff and experts, free of conflicts of interests, analyse data and apply methods objectively. Group decision-making allows for diversity and review among peers.


Our risk assessments and communications are accessible and understandable. They are produced via transparent processes, enhanced by an open dialogue with all interested parties.


We serve the public interest, working to deliver improvements in food safety from farm to fork. We use resources effectively, responsibly and sustainably.


We see collaboration as the only way to master the complexities of the future. We invest in building long-term partnerships for mutual benefit.

Food needs teamwork

Scientists, lawyers, communication experts and many other profiles with different levels of experience – we all put our knowledge together to make sure that food is safe.


Food needs researchers with proven scientific experience who carry out risk assessments – one of EFSA’s core activities. Our Scientific Committee and Panels are composed of independent scientific experts. Guest researchers join the team for specific projects, and seconded national experts build the link between EFSA and our national partner organisations.

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Broad range of profiles

Food safety does not only need scientists. At EFSA, many teams and profiles work together to ensure the food that reaches our tables is safe – from data analysts to communication experts. Do you have the ingredients to apply?

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Young professionals

We offer paid traineeships to talented, highly qualified young professionals who are at the start of their careers. If you are interested in becoming one of our trainees, you will not only experience how it is to work for an EU agency, but also contribute to food safety and spend time in Parma, the heart of the Food Valley.

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Food needs transparency and cooperation

Openness and transparency are key in everything we do. Our work is done mostly in response to requests from the European Commission, the European Parliament or EU Member States. We consult closely with our partners at national and international level. Food needs everyone working together.

We are the sum of all parts

Our team is international and diverse. We also work together with external experts, who contribute to our scientific work. We bring all our expertise together to ensure food is safe.

We help you grow in many directions

We offer our employees a range of opportunities for learning and development. Trainees are accompanied by a personal advisor throughout their traineeship. Thanks to regular exchanges with scientific experts and organisations across the EU and beyond, we never stop growing our knowledge and skills.

We care for food and people

Food needs care, and so do the people working for its safety. At EFSA, we offer flexible working hours, specific leave arrangements, international medical insurance, and a dedicated pension scheme for our employees. You can also join different clubs and sport teams, benefit from our wellbeing initiatives, and recharge your batteries by exploring the surroundings of Parma.