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Public event on Scientific opinions | Broilers & Laying hens


Animal welfare is an integral part of the European Union’s Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy, which aims to make agricultural practices in Europe more sustainable. As part of the strategy, the EU is undertaking a comprehensive review of its animal welfare legislation, for which EFSA was asked to provide new advice that reflects the most up-to-date scientific research and data. The mandates received by EFSA also reflect growing public concern around animal welfare, particularly the use of cages in animal farming. A European Citizens’ Initiative (End the Cage Age) calling for an end to the use of such cages was signed by 1.4 million citizens and supported by around 170 organisations.  

This online event follows the recent publication of scientific opinions on Welfare of laying hens on farm and Welfare of broilers on farm. It sets the scene for an open debate between EFSA and its stakeholders. 

Objectives of the event

The event will explain the work carried out by EFSA in the context of the Farm to Fork mandates on animal welfare, in particular for broilers and laying hens. Participants will be given the possibility to ask questions.

Who should attend?

The meeting is public and is open to anyone with expertise or interest in the area of animal welfare.

Online registration

Registrations are closed.

Logistical information

The meeting will be held online. The link to attend will be sent to the registered participants few days before the event.

The event will be in English. No translation will be provided.

Participation in the event is free of charge.  


For more information, please contact the organising committee at events [at]