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Info Session on Applications – GMO – Technical meeting with applicants

On 12 October 2012, EFSA invited representatives from industry organisations in the field of GMOs for the yearly technical meeting with applicants to exchange views on administrative and scientific requirements for GMO applications. The event was jointly organised by EFSA’s GMO and Applications Desk Units.

Representatives from the industry met with EFSA staff with the aim of openly discussing key issues such as the enhancement of communication between applicants and the Authority, streamlining the application process and the timeline involved. Aspects to foster greater understanding of the application process and the essential scientific requirements under the risk assessment phase of GMO applications were also covered.

In an open dialogue, industry, EFSA staff and the European Commission representatives considered the methodologies and requirements laid down in the submission guidance document allowing each party to outline their views on the subject. Moreover, scientific issues such as field trial design, statistical analysis and the EFSA exposure database were presented and discussed.

The meeting also proved to be the appropriate forum to introduce the APDESK Unit and to explain the changes brought in by EFSA’s re-organisation concerning the application process from reception to validation.

The event was organised within the framework of the Applications Desk organisation of “EFSA Info Sessions on Applications” aimed at increasing regular interaction with the EFSA’s stakeholders and it was seen as being very fruitful by both parties.

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