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Press Centre

Are you a journalist looking for information on our work or seeking an interview with one of our experts? Or want to receive our press releases?

Welcome to EFSA's Press Centre where you will find contact details for our media relations team and further resources to help you with your work.

What does EFSA do?

EFSA is a European Union risk assessor, responsible for evaluating risks to human, animal and plant health along the food chain.

We don’t have scientific laboratories, nor do we generate new scientific research. We also don’t take legislative decisions such as approvals or carry out controls on the market.

What we do is to collect and analyse existing research and data, and we provide scientific advice that supports legislative decisions taken by risk managers, namely the European Commission, national authorities and members of the European Parliament.

Questions on EU legislation or market controls?

If you have questions on EU legislation, approvals or other legislative decisions and/or market controls, you can contact the European Commission’s spokesperson's service or national authorities.  



Tel. +39 0521 036 149

For urgent enquiries outside office hours (before 8.30 and after 18.00) and on weekends/holidays: +39 0521 036 911


Press [at] (Press[at]efsa[dot]europa[dot]eu)

If you are not a journalist, please send your question to the Ask a Question service.


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Infographic on Risk Assessment vs Risk Management


Science on the menu

In each episode, we focus on a different food safety topic with one of our experts, walking you through the science behind our work and what goes on behind the scenes at EFSA. Join us around our table!

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