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Webinar: presentation of the guidance on allergenicity assessment of genetically modified plants



The goal of the webinar was to present the EFSA guidance document on allergenicity assessment of genetically modified (GM) plants and to clarify any aspect needing additional explanations.  

The webinar initiated with an overall presentation of the new EFSA guidance document which addresses the following topics: i) non-IgE-mediated adverse immune reactions to foods; ii) in vitro protein digestibility and iii) endogenous allergenicity. This was followed by a presentation of in silico analyses for the safety assessment of (novel) proteins and their potential to cause celiac disease. The presenters answered most of the questions orally. A pending question was replied by written format at the end of the session.

A total of 117people registered for the webinar, out of which 54 followed the online session.

Presentations and recording

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