Webinar: DNA sequencing quality check: information required in GMO applications

19 March 2019

Draft Agenda


This webinar presents EFSA’s technical note on the quality check of DNA sequencing used for the molecular characterisation of genetically modified plants in the context of GMO applications for EU market authorisation.

The molecular characterisation of inserted sequences in the GM plant is part of the risk assessment performed according to Commission Regulation EU 503/2013 and EFSA’s guidance on the risk assessment of food and feed from GM plants (EFSA, GMO Panel 2011).

In this webinar we will discuss the requirements and recommendations for the sequencing quality check of the methodology and datasets when Sanger sequencing or Next generation sequencing (NGS) is used in GMO applications.

The webinar is aimed at applicants who intend to submit GMO applications for risk assessment by EFSA, as well as regulators and risk assessors.

Participants may submit questions which EFSA will answer both orally and in writing. A recording of the webinar will be published on the EFSA website.

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