Info session on supplementary guidance - GMO - technical meeting with stakeholders on supplementary guidance for allergenicity assessment of GM plants

23 November 2016

Agenda and presentations

On 23 November 2016, EFSA met with stakeholders to present and collect feedback on the supplementary guidance for allergenicity assessment of GM plants endorsed by the Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Over 60 participants, including patient organisations, applicants, representatives of industry associations, consultants, representatives of national competent authorities and academics met with EFSA experts of the working group on allergenicity assessment of GM plants of the GMO Panel, EFSA scientific officers and a representative of the European Commission.

The event was organised in the framework of the Open EFSA risk assessment project aimed at enhancing the participation of stakeholders in EFSA activities in general and in the development of a guidance document (GD) in particular.  

The aim of the meeting was an open dialogue on the issues raised during the public consultation and collecting further ideas on how to address these issues. Discussions focused on the three topics addressed in the draft supplementary guidance for allergenicity assessment of GM plants, namely: i) non-IgE-mediated immune adverse reactions to food; ii) in vitro protein digestibility tests; and iii) endogenous allergenicity.

Attendants participated actively in the discussions and considered the meeting as an important opportunity to enhance constructive dialogue and increase engagement with EFSA.

The agenda, the list of participants, the presentations and the briefing notes produced in preparation of the technical meeting are available below.

Agenda and presentations

Agenda (128.85 KB)
Briefing notes (619.86 KB)