EFSA explains Independence: EFSA's Independence Policy 2017 and implementing rules

In June 2017, EFSA’s Management Board adopted a new Independence Policy, providing a clear framework for the way in which the Authority manages the interests of its scientific experts and others with whom it works in the course of its activities.

The new Policy builds on EFSA’s experience of managing interests over the last 15 years as well as on input received from stakeholders, the European Parliament and the general public. It is designed to strike the appropriate balance between attracting the best experts to work with EFSA while protecting it against undue influence.

Underpinning the Independence Policy is a set of rules that detail how EFSA will implement the Policy in practice and that provide guidance to scientific experts and others on how to declare relevant interests and how they will be assessed by EFSA to prevent conflicts.

The rules also outline the enforcement measures EFSA will take in case the rules are breached and how transparency will be ensured throughout the process.

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26 October 2017