Endocrine disruptors: EFSA and ECHA start work on guidance

Endocrine disruptor molecule

EFSA and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) are developing scientific guidance to enable identification of endocrine disruptors.

Earlier this year the European Commission proposed science-based criteria for identifying endocrine disruptors in the context of EU legislation on pesticides and biocides. Discussions with Member States and experts are on-going and the criteria are expected to enter into force in 2017.

Once the criteria have entered into force, harmonised guidance will be needed to ensure they can be applied consistently and without delay by applicants and authorities in the EU.

EFSA and ECHA, supported by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre, will produce an outline of the guidance that will be published and will provide information on the drafting and endorsement processes.

Based on the outline paper, a draft guidance document will be prepared during the first half of 2017 and made available for public consultation. The guidance is expected to be finalised next year.

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