EFSA to issue statement on potential glyphosate toxicity as used in herbicides and GM maize NK603

EFSA is aware of the new paper by Séralini et al published in Food and Chemical Toxicology on 19 September 2012 that investigates the potential toxicity of glyphosate used as a herbicide and of glyphosate-tolerant GM maize NK603. EFSA monitors on an ongoing basis scientific developments in relation to its work. In this context EFSA will consider the paper’s relevance taking into account the available scientific evidence including recent studies assessing, over a sustained period of time, the potential toxicity of foods derived from GM crops.

EFSA is committed to supporting national and EU decision makers ensuring that its scientific advice addresses a subject that requires expertise in the areas of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, endocrine active substances and possible low-dose effects. EFSA is uniquely placed to provide this advice given its work in these respective fields.