Members of the Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA)

The NDA Panel brings together highly qualified risk assessment experts from a number of European nationalities with expertise in a range of relevant fields:

  • Human nutrition
  • Infant nutrition
  • Human medicine
  • Exposure assessment
  • Food consumption, dietary surveys
  • Nutrient requirements
  • Nutritional epidemiology
  • Food allergy and intolerance
  • Toxicology
  • Clinical immunology
  • Nutritional biochemistry.

View the Declarations of Interests and biographies of NDA Panel members for 2012-2015

The Declarations of Interests and biographies of previous Panel members are available upon request.

NDA Panel Members

Ambroise Martin, Chair
Yolanda Sanz, Vice-chair
John J Strain, Vice-chair
Carlo Virginio Agostoni
Roberto Berni Canani
Susan Fairweather-Tait
Marina Heinonen
Hannu Jaakko Tapani Korhonen
Sébastien La Vieille
Rosangela Marchelli
Androniki Naska
Monika Neuhäuser-Berthold
Grazyna Nowicka
Alfonso Siani
Anders Sjödin
Martin Stern
Inge Tetens
Daniel Tomé
Dominique Turck
Hans Verhagen