Ad-hoc meeting with industry association (AMFEP) – Joint dossiers on food enzymes

Tele-web conference
16 March 2020

On 16 March 2020, staff from the EFSA FIP Unit met with the European Commission and representatives from the Association of Manufacturers and Formulators of Enzyme Products (AMFEP) and in the context of an ad-hoc meeting with industry association. The meeting provided an opportunity for an open discussion about the following topics:

  • Needs of scientific data to progress the evaluation of the so called “joint dossiers”
  • Administrative handling of these dossiers to meet the data needs: ungrouping, communication and timeframes.

The meeting took place in a constructive atmosphere and makes an step forward in workload management.

Additional comments and questions can be sent to: FIP [at]

Presentation AMFEP (949.96 KB)