European Week of Bees and Pollinators 2018 – Scientific Symposium

Brussels, Belgium
26 June 2018

EFSA stakeholders will present details of the proposed EU Bee Partnership at a special scientific symposium in Brussels. The symposium is part of this year’s European Week of Bees and Pollinators, organised by the European Parliament.

The proposed partnership was the key outcome of a symposium organised by EFSA at last year’s event. Since then, a stakeholder group has been working to agree the terms of reference that will guide the work of the partnership.

As well as the presentation on the Bee Partnership, the symposium will include an update on the European Commission’s EU Pollinators Initiative aimed at tackling pollinator decline, and discussion of issues such as designing models for honey bee risk assessment, and the assessment, monitoring and mitigation of stressors to bee health.


The aim of the EU Bee Partnership is to improve the collection, management and sharing of data and thus assist the development of a holistic approach to assessing bee health in Europe and beyond. It will focus initially on:

  • Developing an inventory of data on the health of honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees;
  • Identifying ways to harmonise the collection and management of data;
  • Developing tools for the assessment of bee health, to assist beekeepers, farmers and others.