EFSA scientific meetings open to observers: guidelines & registration

As part of EFSA’s commitment to openness and transparency, the Authority allows observers to attend some of its plenary meetings. By attending these open plenary meetings interested individuals can observe how risk assessment is conducted by EFSA’s Scientific Committee and its Scientific Panels, and at the same time interact with and put questions to EFSA’s scientific experts. The EFSA Guidelines for Observers apply.

Open plenary meetings (registration now open):

At this moment in time there are no plenary meetings open for registration.

Should you have any questions or queries in relation to open plenary meetings at EFSA, please contact us at: publicmeetings@efsa.europa.eu

Those interested in attending an open plenary meeting as observers should read the following guidelines:

Upcoming open plenary meetings in 2015 (registration not yet open):

Dates will be announced shortly.

Open plenary meetings closed for registration: