Tenders €144k+

For purchases with a value above €144,000 EFSA uses the open call for tenders procedure.

To view the procurement documents for a call of interest to you, click on the title of the call listed below. There you will find links to the e-tendering platform, where you can download all procurement instructions and forms related to that specific call (invitation letter, tender specifications, draft contract and any templates necessary for offer submission).

Deadline Reference Title Published
03/08/2018 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/HUCAP/2018/02 Selection of a Medical Centre for the European Food Safety Authority 14/06/2018
07/08/2018 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/BIOCONTAM/2018/01 Application of NGS (next generation sequencing) on Norovirus 07/06/2018
04/07/2018 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/DTS/2018/01 Provision of public internet access services 12/05/2018
20/07/2018 14:30:00 OC/EFSA/CORSER/2018/01 Organisational and logistical services 28/04/2018