EFSA welcomes Declaration of Support from Advisory Forum

The European Food Safety Authority welcomes the statement issued by its Advisory Forum in support of EFSA’s decade-long contribution to the progress of food safety in Europe. The Forum has also endorsed the Authority’s ongoing commitment to independence and scientific excellence.

EFSA is pleased to take this opportunity to recognise the key role national competent food safety bodies have played in this development and to acknowledge the vital scientific expertise that resides in Member States.

Catherine Geslain-Lanéelle, EFSA Executive Director, said: “The safety of Europe’s food chain has been strengthened over the past 10 years thanks to the decision to place independent science-based assessment at the heart of policy making.

“While EFSA can take satisfaction in what has been achieved, it is important to highlight that we are just one part of an EU-wide framework that includes Member States, the European Commission and other institutions as well as thousands of scientific experts who dedicate their time and skill to protect Europe’s citizens from any food-related risks.

“There is equal recognition that much important work remains to be done. We look forward to continuing this fruitful cooperation with all our partners to meet the critical challenges that lie ahead.”

Member States have issued the statement below in support of EFSA’s work:

Declaration by the Members of the Advisory Forum of the European Food Safety Authority

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of the European Food Safety Authority

Ten years ago the European Union unveiled a new regulatory framework to ensure the safety of food and feed across Europe - one that would inspire confidence in the decision-making processes underpinning food law, their basis in science and the independence of the institutions protecting public health.

To mark this tenth anniversary the competent national food safety bodies in Europe that make up the Advisory Forum of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issue the following statement:

“In the space of a decade European food safety has made resounding progress and to mark this milestone we hereby recognise the crucial contribution EFSA has made. EFSA has enhanced consumer protection, provided vital support to Member States and proved to be a crucial resource in times of food crises.

The Advisory Forum has confidence in the independence and scientific decision-making process of EFSA and has worked in cooperation with the Authority over the past ten years to strengthen EU risk assessment and all measures to ensure the objectivity of scientific advice.

Our members reaffirm their endorsement of the independent experts who contribute to EFSA’s scientific work and the vital role they play in the risk assessment process.

The competent national food safety bodies in Europe that make up the Advisory Forum declare their continued commitment to the strengthening of science-based policy-making.

Looking forward, we will strive to ensure that scientific risk assessment evolves and develops to meet the critical challenges that lie ahead in an ever-changing environment.

We will build upon the progress made since 2002 and continue to champion this partnership of trust to secure the safety of food and feed in Europe.”

Made at the 45th meeting of the EFSA Advisory Forum, Parma, 27 September 2012

Notes to editors

The Advisory Forum is made up of representatives from the national food safety bodies of all 27 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway, as well as observers from Switzerland and the European Commission, The Forum is at the heart of EFSA’s collaborative approach in working with EU Member States to deal with risk assessment and risk communication issues. Members use the Forum to advise EFSA on scientific matters, its work programme and priorities, and to address emerging risk issues as early as possible.

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